Yes, it’s about that.

29 Apr

I know this goes against my M.O. but here it is.

There was an awful lot of bitching in regards to this event. I had many Facebook “friends” actually take the time to post how much they were disgusted by the hoopla and attention this event was receiving, especially by Americans. They derided those who were interested calling them “stupid” or “ridiculous” or calling the event a “waste of time for Americans.”

I disagree on all accounts. Now, I am not one for weddings in general. I think in most cases it is an excessive waste. The Royal Wedding was definitely extravagant and wasteful. However, this was a ROYAL affair.

We, as Americans, do not understand royalty. We aspire to live like Paris Hilton and idolize the uber rich and athletes.  Royals do things differently, they do them out of tradition and out of celebration. It’s not that weird, how many of you put up a Christmas Tree? Same thing.

The most common question asked by Americans and our media was, “Why do Americans care so much about the Royal Wedding?” In general this question was asked with great disgust by my fellow citizens, even some of my students.

Admittedly, this wedding or marriage does not directly affect Americans in any real way. The reason some Americans and people in general are interested is because it is something beautiful and magical in an otherwise ugly and dull existence.  This wedding is something Americans will never experience firsthand. It is enchanting and extravagant in ways most of us cannot comprehend.

It is a couple of hours of escape. It is a couple of hours to believe in fairy tales, princesses and their charming princes. This wedding allowed some of us to see something incredible and stunning and happy when we don’t otherwise get those things.

Even in my cynical and snarky outlook on the world, I see the allure of this event. I see it for what it is for most of us, a much needed escape from reality and a tiny taste of a little girl’s dream.


2 Responses to “Yes, it’s about that.”

  1. Megan 29/04/2011 at 10:28 #

    I’ve only watched a few clips of the wedding online, but I agree. I also see it as a piece of world history that doesn’t happen that often. Also, people in our age group have grown up seeing Harry and William since they were kids. I remember exactly where I was when Diana passed away, and I remember watching her funeral.

    It’s all interesting history to me, and no it doesn’t necessarily directly affect the U.S., but so what? Why do I have to only be interested in news that’s relevant to the U.S.? I also watched Princess Victoria’s wedding last year while I was in Germany (it was all over the place), and it’s the same thing, only reversed. She married her personal trainer!

  2. ecsh2381 29/04/2011 at 11:45 #

    Thank you, Megan. Yes, it is a historical event. These photos will be on our children’s world history e-texts 15 years from now.

    Good point on William and Harry being in our peer group. We have watched them grow, lose their mother, become soldiers and fine young men.

    I, too, remember Diana’s death that fateful Saturday night. So sad, but it was certain it was her sunshine that shone right as Kate got out of the car to go into the Abbey.

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