Words always win

25 Apr

But then, I am always a winner (unless it’s an athletic event).

The first thing I need to tell you is I will kick your ass any day of the week at Scrabble.

The next thing is, I am going to to co-author a book! Yeah, my foul and quick mouth are going to make me famous yet.  I am pumped.

The book is to be about wit and snappy comebacks. That is about all of the information I can release at this time, because well, that is all we know. This literally just happened in the last twenty-four hours.

Like all good things, this developed from a Facebook exchange. I happen to be friends with a remarkable woman who is a writer.  She asked me if I would oblige and work with her.  Well, really she begged as I am incredibly busy and ridiculously awesome.  Seriously, minus the begging part.

Reasons like this are exactly why people need to know how to read and write and do it well. Opportunities are always in words. Always. Especially if you use polysyllabic and vulgar ones.


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