Just say, “NO,”

20 Apr

To cookies.

I mentioned in a previous post that I am trying to eat better. More specifically, I am trying to purge my body of that sugar I love so much. I am attempting this new fad diet, The 17 Day Diet, and well, I suck at it. I love cookies. I love pie. I love cake. I love all things of the baked good world.

My friend is having excellent luck with the diet, sticking to it and such. I have no will power. She is better than me and you know how I feel about that.

My problem is that I cannot say no to sweets. My husband wanted me to bake my famous chocolate chip cookies for him for his three day break, so I did. I also ate some. Obviously, those are are a no-no on this diet. You know, sugar, butter and white flour; all things delicious.

Anyway I cut myself some slack and said, “You’ll do better tomorrow.” That tomorrow was yesterday and I did great until I got home. I ate two more cookies because Zac had them out on the coffee table.

I had a lovely chicken and green salad planned for my dinner when Zac said, “Hey, let’s have bacon cheeseburgers for dinner.” And really, how do you turn down a bacon cheeseburger? Real cheddar cheese, thick cut bacon, ground sirloin. Guess what? I didn’t eat the salad. Fail.

Ok, so at night, when I sleep, I sleep eat. Yep, it’s like sleepwalking but I get up and eat. Guess what I eat. Sweets. Guess what I ate this morning at 3am. Cookies. Guess where the cookies were. On the floor. Seriously, I ate cookies off the ground. The dirty, filthy, dog tracked floor in my bedroom. Uh, I think I might have a problem.

Why were the cookies on the floor you ask? Well Zac takes Seroquel to sleep. Seroquel makes him crave sweets too. Evidently he came to bed with the container of cookies and he passed out while eating them and they fell off the bed and on to the floor. How do I know he passed out mid-cookie? Well, a.) he has a track record of this (ask me about the Oreo incident sometime) and b.) I found a cookie with a bite out of it. I ate it. I think it counts as a good decision because I didn’t eat the whole cookie this way. It was a diet cookie of sorts.

Oh my God, after reading this post I have realized a few things:

1. I need a cookie intervention.

2. I am totally gross.

3. I need to clean my floors.


2 Responses to “Just say, “NO,””

  1. Torrey Shannon 21/04/2011 at 22:21 #

    Not only can you write, but you can make me laugh really hard. And the photos? You pick the perfect one every time. Your choice of photos are priceless! LOL

  2. ecsh2381 22/04/2011 at 01:28 #

    I’m so glad you’re getting a kick out of it. Google Image is kind to me.

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