Weird Day

15 Apr

This was the weirdest and funniest picture I could find on Google Image when searching “weird photos.” Original, huh? Yeah, I am fucking having an off day.

Called in sick to work due to some viral bullshit, feeling like a trainwreck, then my dog gets sick and we go to the vet. My dog, Gidget, the beautiful, red Lab, my child. Anyway, she has an enlarged heart and now she is on meds. I am really hurting over this, forgetting that I felt bad in the first place. The good news is we caught it early and meds will help, maybe even reduce the size of her heart.  My child being unwell is causing me great anxiety. (Now assholes, never ask me again why I don’t want human children).

Got the phone call from the Huffington Post writer today. He wants to come interview Zac and I about the PTSD and legal bullshit with Platte County. That is huge news and a most amazing opportunity to tell our story, because we aren’t the only ones facing this miscarriage of justice. However, this is also causing me anxiety because Zac gets squirrely with this stuff. I know he will do great and the reporter is a Pulitzer Prize winner, so completely legit, but yet, I worry.

Worry seems to be the only thing I am good at these days. My ass needs to get good at finding a summer job so I can pay the newest legal bill for the deposition fees and Gidget’s medications.

I had a good talk with my wonderful Uncle Mark today. He is the most amazing grown-up I know. Yeah, I am almost thirty and still look at other people as grown-ups, fuck off.  Anyway he said sometimes he likes to start his day off just by saying “Mother Fucker” and it makes him feel good, balanced, so-to-speak.  I agreed fully since I use the phrase often, then tonight it hit me why it felt so good. My grandpa, my uncle’s dad, used to use that colorful phrase on the regular and we were both close to the old bastard. He’s been gone for 18 years now, but I think that is his way of coming through to Uncle Mark and I, letting us know everything will work out if we talk it out, even if all we say is “Mother Fucker.”

And upon further memory of Grandpa, “Son of a Bitch!” would work equally as well.

So, here is my good night, “Mother Fucker Son of a Bitch!”


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