Metropolis: A photo tour

13 Apr

imageThis my town. Clearly, it’s huge. A metropolis really. This the old hotel/bank building. Note the Ladies Entrance. The building now contains apartments. Charming.


This is a look across the street. Excuse my finger; I am a badass photographer with my sweet phone cam and shit happens. Now, these too are walk-up apartments.  100 years ago, it looked like this:

Sorry about the photo quality, I had to resize.  This used to be Skaggs Implement Company at the turn of the last century.  They sold farm machinery.  It is not coincidental that my maiden name is Skaggs. That was my great-great grandfather’s business. They helped build this town. That means my dad grew up here, my grandfather, and great-grandfather too. The family homestead is about 3 miles away on the other side of the highway. EDIT: This photo is not supposed to be so tiny, but I suck at this.


This town used to be called Lick Skillet, and no, we aren’t in Alabama.  This is where the former antique mall used to be. It’s now a cafe with unimpressive food.


We do exist! We have a Post Office even! No mail carrier, so we have a PO box. Kind of a pain.


This is the Methodist church two blocks from my house. I think it’s beautiful. The stained glass windows are amazing in the sunlight. It’s definitely the fanciest church in this town of 500. We have three churches all within three blocks of each other; First Baptist to come.


This is the current antique store. It is open sometimes. Well, it’s open when the owner shows up. He looks like Colonel Sanders and it makes me laugh. I have lived here six years and have never set foot inside.


This is the Beauty Hut. Two sisters run it. They are a hoot. They knew my grandpa and my dad when he was small.  It’s sort of funny to hear them tell me stories about how ornery my dad was as a kid. However, I do NOT get my hair done there.


This is the funeral home. All small towns need a funeral home, because, well folks die everywhere. Grandpa’s funeral was here. It was nice.


This is clearly the NICE part of town!


This is the First Baptist Church two blocks from my house. My husband’s uncle is the minister here. Notice the lack of stained glass at the Baptist church. Everyone knows they are not showy like those flashy Methodists; no dancing! Kidding, I think.


Front of the Baptist church, no stained glass, but they have a steeple! I wish it had a bell.


This is the other side of Main street. If you look closely you can see this used to be a General Merchandise store. Now, it’s empty, but again there are apartments upstairs.


The center store front is the bonus room of the cafe on the corner now. I have story about that center store front. It’s good. Are you ready for it? Are you? Ok, here goes.

Last summer I was walking Viper around town,(in the summer time I walk the dogs at night because it’s too hot otherwise) and as we came around the corner, Viper dead stopped. Now, keep in mind, they roll the sidewalks up here by 9:30 through the week in the summer. Viper is well leash trained, so I was confused as to why he stopped. The the hair on his mane stood up and his head slowly started moving from left to right. I looked up and followed his movement with my head. We saw a woman, a young woman with bright red lips, quickly crossing the street about twenty-five feet in front of us. The woman came from no where. It was night, there was no one around. The woman was in turn of the century clothing, with a long dress and big, summer hat of the Victorian era. She crossed the street and went directly through, yes I mean through, the door of the center store front. I froze, Viper sort of moaned. We continued to watch the lady as she entered the building. She then sat down at a table in front of that window you see and whipped out a hand fan and began fanning herself. We watched for twenty to thirty seconds and then she vanished. Seriously, I swear. I wasn’t high either. My dog saw it. As soon as she was gone, Viper turned his head over his should to look at me and clearly, with his face asked me, “Uh Mom, what the fuck happened here?”

We high-tailed it home. See living in a small town can be exciting! Especially old towns.


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