People are dumb

8 Apr

The end.

Ok, not really, you get to hear me bitch. I am sort of a social maven: Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc. Obviously I have been bombarded, just like you, with talk, status updates, articles, and tweets on the impending government shutdown. There is a LOT of misinformation out there. People who are dumb and don’t care to find real answers and instead believe everything they read on their friend, Joe’s Facebook wall, are the ones about which I am talking.People who can’t or don’t care to read at or above a second grade level also fall into this group.

In my prior post I explained correctly who would be most directly affected by the shutdown. I used the word furlough and evidently a lot of dumb people don’t know the meaning of that word. I am going to help them out here and in simple, direct terms. A furlough is like a layoff; you don’t report to your job and you won’t be paid for the time on your ass at home. However, after a budget agreement is reached, Congress has the authority to decide if those furloughed workers will receive some sort of compensation.

I also stated that government employees who are deemed essentials, military, fire, police, postal workers, etc. will report to work as usual, but they will not be paid until a budget deal is reached in Congress. They WILL receive backpay.

One final thought, the government shutdown of 1995 lasted a mere six days. Six days! I really doubt this one will be extended for any real length of time either; I am ball parking 9-10 days.  No one is going to starve or lose their home in less than two weeks. Yes, there may be some temporary hardships, but people are resourceful and they are resilient, especially military families.

Republican congressmen and congresswomen who were around in 1995 remember how devastating this was to their party and they are the ones who need to take hold and tell their new, younger, tea partier, junior members and tell them how it’s going to be if they have any hope for salvaging their careers.  I digress though, reverting back to my original point, people are dumb and most of them won’t know the ins and outs of why this happened or how it got resolved. They will pick red or they will pick blue, not because they know what those colors represent, but because they are ignorant to the facts.

Oh, and because they are dumb.

Are you awake yet,



2 Responses to “People are dumb”

  1. Crystal 08/04/2011 at 16:12 #

    Very well put. People here at the VA were all up in arms about it. I just let this stuff ride out. There isn’t anything I can do at the moment to change it so why worry. If it happens, it happens. Plus I already have another job, so I am all good, haha. Btw, I’m glad you are back!

    • ecsh2381 08/04/2011 at 17:06 #

      Hey thanks! I will give you a shout soon to catch up!

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