Tick, tick, tick…

7 Apr

America is merely hours away from a government shutdown due to an impasse between the Republican-controlled House and the Democratic-dominated Senate and White House. If an agreement is not made by tomorrow at midnight, Eastern time, the United States Federal Government will shut down.  This distresses (read: pisses me off) me for several reasons:

1. This one is selfish; my husband is a government employee.  Now, he is considered essential personnel so he would not be furloughed. However, if the Hill does shut ‘er down, he will not get paid until a budget is reached. Once that time time comes, he will receive back pay. We will survive in the mean time, our bills will be paid and we will have food. Other government employees and their families won’t be so lucky.

2. This one is also kind of selfish, but I don’t give a flying fuck, I want my elected officials to uphold the promises they made when I voted for them. This means, I don’t want the Dems to cave to the Republican and Tea Party demands that greenhouse gases shouldn’t be regulated or that tax money shouldn’t subsidize abortions (funding for Planned Parenthood, even though less than 10% of their services are actually abortions), or that the Health Care law be altered or repealed. Those are vital items to this nation, whether the right side of the aisle realizes it or not. They are. Period. They are potentially going to cause our federal government to shut down because they are concerned with the status of my uterus and if a middle-class gets affordable healthcare.

3. If the government shuts down, our armed forces will not be paid during the shut down. This is incredibly dangerous. So many of young military families sacrifice so much already, and now, likely with a loved one deployed, they are going to have to worry about how to pay their bills. As a reminder, enlisted folk, especially the young ones, aren’t paid crap. You can view a pay scale here.Disclaimer: My husband is prior military, we’ve been there.

Now, I fully realize we have a huge ideological gap in this two-party system of our government and in the minds of our citizens. It’s part of what makes America unique. We are all allowed to believe and vote with that personal belief; it’s one of our freedoms. Notice I used the word unique and not great; that was intentional. I am not sure being unique is so great (see what I did there?) if it causes so much derision that we literally cannot agree on anything as fundamental as our federal budget. Yes, I said fundamental, and not just because it has the word fund in it. I used it because the way our nation funds its programs is fundamental to our quality of life.

Will this gap ever close? Or at least narrow? I wish I knew. My guess is no, not unless something tragic or catastrophic happens.

America, here is a warning: We might be fucked.

Trying to wake up,



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