Barbie Pen

7 Apr

Yes, I love Barbie. I love everything about her, even her own personal queen, Ken. I love that one day Barbie can be a race car driver one day and a doctor the next and an astronaut for the weekend, all without ever messing up her long, blonde hair and flawless make-up.

The above is my Barbie pen. I have several Barbie pens, shocking, I know. This one is my favorite; its ink is blue. It writes very smoothly, and it just makes me happy. The signature pink looks so great in my hand. I love pink, especially that Barbie pink. It makes me happy.

I decided to use this pen today because of that last sentence, because my day started out poorly. I am not going to get into it, but after the incident, I decided I was going to be nice to myself today. Using my favorite pen is one way I am doing such.

I am also giving myself little pep talks throughout the day. I have an interview for a summer job this afternoon. I really don’t want to go, as I hate interviews, but the real reason is I just want to go home and collapse with my dogs. I am exhausted. There are lots of sucky things in life, in my life, in your life, in all lives. I am tired of the suck. I am tired of talking about it, tired of dealing with it, tired of writing about it. Just tired. If you are really interested in my suck, you can direct message me your email and you can read my PTSD blog here

Malibu Barbie Dreams,



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